Nuttin New

by Yung Jules

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(Verse 1)

New year
New money
my state of mind is something they can never take from me
i seen friends turn to foes when they needed checks
i seen girls turn to hoes when they needed sex
man i need the best
on this rode to success ain't no time for you to get some rest , or to take a break, there aint no time to waste
cause theres a nigga out there tryna take your place.
I swear i'm goin all the way like the G man , then celebrate and party hard on the weekends
But right now i still got a lot of work to do they always told Jules do whatever you thinks works for you
Bad bitches i done had a few
i'm all alone at the top so you know i got a perfect view
people need to understand that i'm here to stay
Have your girl body aching (Aiken) like my name was Clay
my inner circle gets smaller every single day cause people wanna envy when your hotter than Montego Bay
nightmares every single day
go through it while these other niggas run away
now and days you don't need talent just to reach success
all you need is a fat ass and show the world your breast
Hoes will be hoes you already know so shout out to the women that be tricking all across the globe.
a lot always said i'll never be nothing now they got there hands out like they need something
they be like Jules i always knew that you would make it big
I tell those people hop the FUCK off my FUCKING dick!


Nuttin New x2
Yung Jules DBC man you fucking with the crew
Nuttin New x2
Man i tell em Nuttin New , now im bout to kill the game and there aint nothing you can do cause im putting on going strong working hard so at the top i belong
Nuttin New x2
Man i tell me em Nuttin New
Yung Jules DBC man you fucking with the crew Nuttin New

(Verse 2)

I live my life like a danger zone
and treat the night like its mine to own
i put on for the city that i call my home
and take shots of some henny when i feel alone
Nuttin New man i swear this what i do
now they know im in the game so they bout to get the blues
man they know my flow is sick so they bout to catch the flu
and these bitches give me brain til i never had a clue
yeah its Jules
who is you?
you ain't nothing i can see the lies
your flow weak but you got some people by your side
i left my past ways in the ash tray , now im tryna be the worlds greatest like im cash clay
i kill tracks on my bad days
when you rap its like the Nets and the Cavs played, you ass nigga!
why do people always act like we live in terror
why is my only competition the man in the mirror!



released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Yung Jules Newark, New Jersey

The voice of our generation

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